JP (Jean Philippe) Giacomini

United States
English, French, Portuguese, Spanish

Sport: Dressage, Eventing
Experience: 53 years
Lesson price: 120 €


Jean Philippe Giacomini, known as “J.P.”, was born in France and later studied dressage with Master Nuno Oliveira in Lisbon, Portugal for a year and worked as an assistant trainer at the National Portuguese Stud of Alter Real for 3 & a half years with Dom Jose Athayde. He rode many green colts, raced in a few steeplechases, evented, show-jumped and trained the first of 25 Grand Prix dressage horses when he was 20. Through his travels, he was fortunate enough to ride and “feel” horses trained by direct students of the great French luminaries, including Gen. Albert Decarpentry, as well as horses trained by Dr. Guilherme Borba, Dr Filipe Graciosa (formers directors of the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art) and the late German master Herbert Rehbein.  
While living in England, Giacomini produced international champions in 3 day eventing, dressage and show-jumping, including the Lusitano stallion Novilheiro, who was a Grand Prix dressage horse, an intermediate eventer and British Show Jumping leading money earner in 1983. Giacomini also coached international event and dressage riders from England, Canada, the United States, Ireland and Portugal. This list includes the 1983 European 3 Day Gold Medallist Rachel Bayliss (winner of 4 gold  and one silver medals in eventing) who, aboard her horse Mystic Minstrel, achieved the unique feat of competing internationally in dressage and eventing the same year.   Giacomini is widely considered an expert at training piaffe and passage and is noted for his ability to bring long-lasting solutions to previously unsolved training or soundness problems.  

JP is the inventor of a revolutionary training approach: the Endotapping™ method which has paved the way for the design of his Zeno Neuropacer™, a relaxation and pain reducing device (human and animal models). JP was selected as one of the few American clinicians to give a series of demonstrations on the classical principles during the 16 days of the Kentucky WEG 2010 that were very popular.  He has been invited again to present classical dressage techniques for the duration of WEG 2018 in Tryon, NC. JP Giacomini travels for clinics worldwide, teaches his long term students and trains the Iberian Sporthorses he breeds near Lexington, KY – USA to become serious dressage competitors.   His student Cedar Potts-Warner earned her USDF Gold medal in her first year of competition and is currently competing 2 of JP's homebreds Luso-Sporthorses at Grand Prix  level, amongst others.  JP is fluent in French, English, Spanish and Portuguese

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